September 18, 2006


Our little wild man is all into climbing. Today he fell (not the first time) and hit the edge of a table. He got quite a shiner. He was so brave. He didn't even cry as much as Mommy.

September 10, 2006

First Bronco's Game of the Year!

This is what Jarred has always dreamed of

Aren't they so cute...

September 02, 2006

Dyson has been telling me for some time now each time he has to go to the bathroom. Today we discovered UNDIES!
Here are Dyson and Cookie monster
checking out the fish and just hangin' out in their spiderman undies.

Our new house
We are now in Salem, Oregon.
We are loving our new place and Jarred is hard at work in law school. Dyson, Cambry and Ashley stay busy all day... Cambry is a sweet baby and loves her swing for nap time. So cute!
Dyson has a cat friend.
He calls him "mow". He is the neighbor's cat, but loves to hang out on our porch. Don't tell the neighbors, but sometimes we leave him treats.
It doesn't like me much, but he and Dyson talk to each other through the screen door.
One day, I heard the cat meowing loudly at the screen and I went to see what was going on.
He looked up at me and dropped a small snake on the ground.
He walked back out into the field behind our house as soon as he saw that Dyson saw the snake.
It was a little gift.
Sweet, but gross.