January 29, 2007

Our amazing girl!

This morning cambry (now 7 months old) took a nap in her swing. I heard her talking from the other room and came in to get her. She had slid\climbed out of the swing and was standing like this, holding the swing. She was just beaming. She knew that she had just discovered some amazing freedom. We are in for it.

Alright, so these are late, but we had a few requests for holiday pictures so here it is in a nutshell: We got snowed in in the Denver airport and had a few extra days with the Henline family- what a blast. Sledding, horses, warm fire and even a thrill ride adventure in a blizzard where we actually ended up abandoning the car in a snow flurry. Those country folk sure know how to show us a good time!

Christmas Morning at Grandma and Grandpa Johnson's house

Before that was our first Thanksgiving by ourselves. It actually turned out great!

Cambry had her first solid food that day. Dyson ate as much as Mom.


And before that was our Halloween. There is nothing better than dressing up your kids. We had the cutest bunny and skeleton in the world! Would you give them candy? Jarred and I had to use them to get some loot. We did very well. :)

Dyson in Daddy's Shoes.