September 16, 2007

Our first stitches! Dyson jumped off a chair and hit this corner on our file cabinet on friday (9/14/07). Ironically, just as I was walking out the door to take Cambry to the doctor for an earache (which turned out to be just a good cold). He just came with us and the doctor fixed him up.

He was very scared (so were Mom and Dad) but he was so brave, even when they had to cover his face to do the stitches and he couldn't see us, he tried so hard to be "tough". He even flexed his muscles for the doctor after they were done to show that he was okay. We were so proud.

Today it is quite a bruise (the pictures don't do it justice). Dyson is very proud of the stitches now and we got some pictures during the broncos game today. I guess all's well that ends well. Certainly a day we will never forget.

September 04, 2007

DYSON HAS LEARNED: Nobody should EVER assume their chocolate pudding is safe just because their sister is in the bath.

MOMMY HAS LEARNED: If your one-year-old runs away when drying her off- chase immediately. Nobody should assume one-year-olds can't reach chocolate pudding on the table.

CAMBRY HAS LEARNED: Pudding is good. It takes 25 minutes to find me if I hide under the table.