July 19, 2008

After lots of urging from Ashley, we decided to finally get our family pictures taken
Enjoy our sexiness!

The Oregon Zoo

In an attempt to be the greatest husband ever, I took the kids to the Oregon Zoo to give Ashley the day off. We went with my friend Brandon, from law school, and his two girls. Besides the appearance of being Brandon's "partner," it was an awesome day.

The best part was the Dinosaurs! Exhibit. Dyson and Cambry loved it. We were able to walk along a path and see like 20 different dinosaurs, from spitters to flyers. We were even able to compare our wingspans to a Pteranodon.

The best one though was the T-Rex. Although Dyson loved him the first time around (Cambry didn't), when we came back for pictures neither of the kids could stand it. I guess his gigantic teeth and loud roar were too big. Cambry just kept screaming: No bite me, Want to go home.

We even got a few sweet pics.
  1. I don't quite understand what those expressions mean.
  2. We got a picture of a gator just to make Mom squirm when we got home.
  3. When we were walking into the elephant exhibit some kid looked at me and said, "that elephant has giant dookies." I just thought he was weird until I saw what he was talking about. It was gigantic, almost as big as Cambry.

July 17, 2008

Is it time for a new post? It's good to know so many people care.

We are loving summer and life is flying by.

At Father's day We spent some time in Colorado with the Henline family and had a blast. Of course Dyson went fishing and loved it.

We loved having Grandpa and Grandma Henline around. We got to do tons of activities, including a Rockies game (Matt Holliday waved at me... :D ) It was a great trip and it really made it feel like summer.