August 13, 2008

Can't wait until October!

My brother Andrew is almost home! I have missed him every day for two years. I am so glad he is on a mission. There is nowhere else in the world better for him right now. He is turning out great. I think the hard part has been watching my kids change without him. I know he wants to be near them. They could use him too. He is such a great uncle. All their aunts and uncles are amazing. I think it's such a miracle that my kids will have so many people that love and support them. My two brothers and two sisters and their spouses (Uncle Randall, and whomever else may come along...) and Jarred's brother and sister-in-law. Not to mention amazing friends and extended family. Lucky kids.
Anyway, here is a countdown for family and friends who are waiting too...

plus an occasionally -updated website-

Love you Andrew. Thanks for teaching my kids about being a missionary. Priceless.

August 05, 2008

All these boys want to do is GOLF!

This has been the month of golf. Dyson is obsessed with it and it's got a lot to do with the fact that if Daddy is not at work...he is golfing.

Dyson's not too bad. He is getting his swing figured out. Good thing we have whiffle balls.