December 03, 2008

Thanks to Jarred for the last two blogs. What a dad.

This autumn has gone quickly. We are already moving! I can't believe that next Tuesday is Jarred's last final - ever. I think that day will be amazing- my schedule is super full that day, which is good because it helps the time fly. My brother is flying in to help us pack up the truck the next day and drive one of our cars. (Thanks Andrew- what a brother!!)

So here's our plan: We are starting out in Utah now. My parents just moved to a new house and have room for us in a downstairs apartment. What a miracle. So now we will be with them for Christmas and stay until we get a job. Jarred is taking the Colorado Bar exam at the end of February. Aak. We will be applying like crazy all over Colorado for jobs.

I, in the meantime will be staying as busy as possible so as not to "wait" for this baby (or give into the urge to buy baby stuff...). I have about 8 weeks left. This is when all the fun begins. The hips and back go, and it starts to get hard to get up and down... I am determined to keep enjoying this pregnancy as much as I have been. It has been amazing.

So now we just finish finals, move, enjoy Christmas, get through January, have a baby, then take the bar and find a job.
I am booked till March.