June 25, 2010

Yearly trip to Vail.
Every June Jarred's parents go to Vail, Colorado and we usually tag along.  We love spending a little time with the Henline family and especially like to see our nephew, Gavin.  We had a great time in downtown Vail and going for walks to a park nearby.  The best part was all the swimming!  Great vacation.  We miss Grandma and Grandpa Henline so much already!  Can't wait till we see them again this fall. ;)

Finally, I got some pictures to load! Now I can blog again!!

Going to the ball.

Jarred recently took Cambry to a princess party royal ball. We got her all dressed up. It was her dream-come-true. It was all Jarred's idea too. What a dad. They were an adorable couple. Cambry got to ride in a horse-drawn carriage, eat chocolate, meet princesses, and get Dad all to herself.

Mom's favorite part was when we had finished her pretty nails, hair, dress and even put on her essential "dangle" earrings, she strutted around very prim and proper for all of 10 minutes before she decided to look for worms in the dirt out front. That's Cambry in a nutshell. ;)