November 17, 2010

 I'm Learning...

 I've been practicing with my camera like crazy.  I have even had a couple opportunities to rent some different lenses and even a whole lighting setup!  I am slowly figuring out some of the ins and outs of creative photography.  I. LOVE. IT. 

Portraits are the best.  Such a good way to combine all the things I love.  My kids, funny memories and everyday stuff, art, and helping people- I love that I can grab the camera, and freeze time.  Better yet- I can actually create something that is valuable to people with just what's going on around me.  I got to take pictures for my brother and his cute fiance who are getting married in Dec.- Loved that day!  I got to make it fun for them and then it was even like a little gift to be able to give them the photos.  Couldn't be better.

Sometimes my test subjects get a little bored (as Cambry is demonstrating above) and I grab somebody else's kids to practice on (See my niece below :)   )

Wish I had done more of this in High School and college.  Pictures are priceless!!

Stay tuned for more!   
I am surely not amazing yet.  But I am not stopping until I get there!