June 17, 2011

School is out.  It's sad that only a few posts ago, I am updating on Dyson starting kindergarten.  Not so good with keeping it current here.  Eh.  With three kids and a lazy streak in me- that's what we're gonna get. 

Latest adventures update:

 Went to West Virginia to visit Jarred's extended family- they all live there.  It was a great trip and we somehow survived the plane trip with the 2,4, and 6 year-olds.  Go Henlines!  The trip was a gift from Jarred's parents (whom I love just like they are my own!). The trip was filled with family visits, lots of swimming, and Jarred's favorite part was that he got to rent a shiny new Jeep Grand Cherokee while we were on the trip.  He is now planning to buy one as soon as we are rich!  Here's a few pictures from that trip:

The kids and I (Ashley) went to Vail again this year.  Jarred didn't come.  Somebody has to make the money around here.  I decided to leave Ellie home for this trip and take the 'big' kids.  Lots of swimming, relaxing and getting spoiled by Grandparents. 

So, what now?  Well, I look like I am smuggling a soccer ball under my shirt now.  Yeah, if you hadn't heard- we are having another one.  I feel like a mother rabbit with all these kids all over and waddling around expecting another one.  I love it.  It's so intimidating to think that we will have 4 little people to take care of!  3 is hard... I sometimes skip one already when I am making lunch.  Seriously.  What will I do with 4?  Poor Dyson.  He will have to be the helper.  Cam will be great too.  I also get a guilty excitement when I think that 2 of them will be in school everyday starting this fall!!  Then I cry because I don't want them to be that big, then I cry because I can't juggle this many darn noisy kids all day, then I cry because I hate my pants... Blame the hormones.  I am teetering on crazy here.  But in all seriousness- I do completely love my kids and I can't wait to meet by next little baby!

So that's the latest, and now we are determined to have a wonderful, memory-filled summer and get ready for our new little brother!  (And possibly move sometime soon... but more on that later ;)  ).