October 30, 2011

Moving along...

 Soon after we take a picture, it's outdated.  That's a good thing.  By now (10-30-2011) the roof, windows, doors and a few more things are done.  Soon we'll do some inside shots!  Drywall should be up this week.  Yessss!


October 20, 2011

Getting bigger...

Brody weighs about 10 lbs now.  2 months old.  He's so precious!

Jarred Brody Henline

Our baby was due on Sept. 18, but came 5 weeks early via c-section. I really wanted another water birth.  I was super dissappointed, but you do whatever you have to for your baby.  Recovery was rough, but Brody did great and was only in the NICU for 5 or 6 days.  He was so tiny!  5 lbs when we took him home.  So incredible to see him learn to breathe and to swallow.  He was a trooper. 
Before the tubes could come out

A few days later...

Dyson showing how big his brother is

Dyson got to scrub up and visit his baby brother in the NICU.  One of my most precious memories ever.  I couldn't go with him to see the baby so Dad took pictures and they came to show me right after.  Dyson was absolutely glowing.

Cambry had to wait a few days to see him because she and Ellie had colds.  She FINALLY got to hold him.
Good thing we waited until she was better because she 'could not stop kissing him!'
Waited for months to have her brother hold her finger like this.  


October 19, 2011

New House!

That's right. We are finally moving from my parents' basement.
We decided to build and even helped design the house.

I can't wait to move in.  I dream about it.  I LOVE it!

Here are a few pictures of the process...  : )

The lot before we started

Dig time!

Dyson's wolverine claws (construction nails)