November 29, 2011

Feels Like Home

I am so excited to say that our cupboards, tile, wood floors, bathtubs and showers, rain gutters and a few other new details are in!  It's all starting to feel like a real home.  So happy I could cry!

November 15, 2011

Hurry Up!!

The house is taking longer than we expected.  I just hope we're in by Christmas.  Sigh.  Looking good...

I should add that the stone shown here was put on by mistake.  Oops.  They have now taken it off and are putting up the correct stone.  
This project is a roller-coaster!  It's so exciting and happy one minute, and then the next minute I feel like it's going to all go wrong...  No matter what happens though, I have absolutely LOVED this whole process!  

Dream. Come. True.  :D

November 11, 2011

Blessing babies and loosing Teeth.

Lots going on here.  Dyson lost a top tooth.  He is thrilled.  Ripped it out himself.  Here are the before and after pics:
and gone!

I'm starting to wonder if we will ever get a family picture where we are all looking at the camera.  Can you make 4 kids smile and look at the same time?  Not sure it will happen.  Here's a smattering of failed attempts from Brody's blessing day:

We have now realized it was a bad idea to put a 5-year-old in a skirt on a top stair for pictures.  Especially with pink undies.  Oh well, not like these are going on the Christmas card. 

And last:  The house update.


November 01, 2011