May 28, 2008

Tyler saved up his money to come visit us this month and we had a blast! He is such a great uncle to our kids and they love him very much. Thanks for coming and showing us such a good time Tyler.

May 21, 2008

I am feeling nostalgic today.

I am missing my dad, even though he seems just as far when he is at home in Utah as he is now in Lumbumbashi, Africa.

I love watching my kids grow and learn, but somehow I feel like I miss baby Dyson and baby Cambry. It's so bittersweet to have them become older versions of themselves. I sure love them.

Today Dyson asked me if I will love him even when he is naughty. I laughed and almost cried. OF COURSE I WILL!

Even now, as I am typing, he and Cambry are trying to "clean " the fish tank (pulling up a stool to drop toys in it). I want to put them in the garage and shut the door sometimes. Maybe get a big padded room (well, two so they won't beat on each other I guess) and let them just go nuts.

How can something so awful and hard and frustrating be so wonderful?

I guess that is the lesson of life.

The harder we work the more perspective and happiness we have room for.


What a couple of stinkers.

Thanks you two, for teaching me about love and happiness.

I couldn't be "Mommy" without you.

May 02, 2008

Dyson's first fish!
We went for a cookout at a neighbor's house last night and they had a fish pond. Brother Olsen introduced Dyson to fishing- He is a born fisherman. He caught two. The second one he did by himself! Look how proud he was.

He dreamed about fishing all last night and is convinced that is what life is all about. He can't wait to get out there again. Fortunately, the Olsens left us an open invitation to fish again in their pond anytime. I think we will be going again just as soon as Dyson can get his little hands on a fishing rod of his own.