November 16, 2008

This was the first Halloween the adults dressed up. We had to dress up for a party so Ashley sewed the Pirate Costumes herself.

The kids, of course, looked studly as Peter Pan and Tinkerbell!

We even went all out on pumpkins this year. We carved 8 and covered our entire porch wall. Even Ashley and #3 got pumpkin fever.

November 15, 2008

The Johnson Family Curses

Johnsons are cursed with two curses. The first curse is clumsiness. You know, not being able to walk and chew gum, that's them. In addition to being clumsy, they are also easily susceptible to injury. These injuries include spraining an ankle during family pictures, breaking a foot walking up stairs or even massive swelling and bruising from a tootsie roll.

Needless to say, the curses did not overpass Ashley. Ashley fell down the stairs (clumsiness) late in October and hurt her wrist a little. Then just the other day, she injured it even worse by picking up a gallon of milk (easily injured). Please don't laugh!

She has suffered a torn ligament and possibly a stress fracture (from milk?). She will be immobilized in her "stupid" pseudocast for 10-14 days.

November 12, 2008

Happy Autumn

I was at the grocery store today and started thinking about how much easier my kids are now than 3, 6 or even 9 months ago. Things change so fast and each phase is new and challenging in a different way.
I was so happy that I took the moment to enjoy them- In the grocery store of all places. (This is not usual. Mostly, I am wiping screaming, boogered faces as they try to climb out of "time out" in the cart... while people tell me I really should buckle them in the seat part and mention how "brave" I am to have kids so close in age.)
I guess it's hard to enjoy things for what they are. I get so caught up in goals, and milestones and what is around the corner that I forget how good I have it today. Who doesn't? The future is bright for my little family right now, with graduation, moving, a new baby coming, the holidays approaching... I could go on. I am looking forward to it. But here is a list of other things I am loving today:
I got to feel the baby's hiccups inside me
I made dinner - before 7 pm
The rain stopped and the sun peeked out for a minute (first time in a week or two)
Cambry has worn big girl undies with no accidents for about 4 days- this is VERY exciting
Both kids took a nap at the same time!!!
I have a couple weeks before I have to plan another mutual activity
That is a good list. I may forget it in a couple of hours and go back to feeling overwhelmed, but I am glad I can take time to think of it.
What is on your list today? Seriously, please post yours here-

November 03, 2008

Henline Falls

We discovered that right here in Oregon (not far from Salem) there is a hiking trail called Henline trail, that leads up Henline mountain to Henline falls. Seriously. So, spur of the moment, we took our kids and went on Jarred's birthday. It was spectacular. We went at the perfect time too, with all the fall leaves and amazing Oregon forest. We will always remember this. Thanks to our friends the Thuesons, for coming with us and braving it with their twin two-year-olds and newborn baby...

I know, I know, I am way behind on updates. Let's sum up the last couple of months. First thing I missed: Our Trip to Kansas. We had a great time visiting Jarred's family in late September down on the farm. We went fishing, chased chickens, went out on their beautiful pond, and had a great retirement celebration for Dad Henline. Now he has more time for fishing, hunting, grand kids, and well, work. He is starting as a substitute teacher (he will be amazing!) and has lots to do on the farm. Congrats on Retirement!! We love you.

The next event I didn't blog: My brother came home!

Jarred wasn't able to go with us for the trip to Utah and I was sad. I am so excited to say that law school is almost over. Jarred has requested a count-down so I will make one in our side bar.

Cambry, Dyson and I (Ashley) went though and we had an amazing visit. Dyson remembers Uncle Andrew, but Cambry was barely a couple months old when he left, so she knew him only from pictures and stories. Needless to say, they fell in love with him right away and had such a good time with their uncles and aunts.
(thanks to James and Aly Walston for the picture... )

I am such a baby. It was so great to have all my siblings together again. I loved cramming so many people back into my parents' house (maybe for the last time before they move).

Oh yeah, and by the way I am not just getting fatter. As my brother also discovered at the airport- we are expecting baby #3! We are so excited. No, I am not finding out what it is. I can't wait for a surprise in February.
Here I am in full glory (by the food of course) after Andrew's talk in church.