March 19, 2009

It's all about perspective.

Here's a sappy little thought for ya.

I (Ashley) was having a rough day. It happens, right? I was feeling a little sorry for myself and struggling with some health problems. For the purpose of perspective I will share some of the negative, self-pitying thoughts:

-I have too many people to take care of to have these problems

-I don't even have a home of my own

-Who knows when we will be uprooted (not that I am even close to feeling "rooted") and move to some new and unknown place with no friends or family

-I never get to go on vacation

-I feel frumpy and hate my hair

... to name a few.

Anyway- I am dwelling on my difficulties and being completely self-centered when my big sister calls me. Certainly not a coincidence. Charity has a such a subtle, calming influence. I started to vent and something I said reminded her of a friend whose baby was born with a cleft pallet and has to have a feeding tube.


It hit me hard. What is my problem? Seriously? I have it so good.

Three healthy babies

Amazing husband who cherishes me

My siblings and parents so close

Amazing In-Laws

A (free) place to live while we look for jobs

Everything I need to be comfortable

My own relationship with the Savior

So much to be not only grateful for, but COMPLETELY IN AWE AT.

As my thoughts swirled deeper and deeper, I realized that I am completely happy. I didn't do much to deserve all the goodness I have surrounding me. I feel like I owe an apology to anyone I have complained to. I want to be more grateful. I know I am not the only person to come to this conclusion. No matter what comes our way- we can still be happy when it's hard. We can even be grateful and feel abundance and peace in our own little world. So, it's all about perspective.

Love you, Charity. You have always been just the big sister I need.

March 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Dyson!

Sunday was Dyson's birthday and we had a rockin' pirate party on Monday to celebrate. Kids make everything crazy and fun. Dyson LOVES pirates. Well, he loves to pretend he is a pirate and begs anyone who comes over to pretend with him.

I (Ashley)made him a pirate cake, which turned out great considering I threw it together in a couple hours. I used blended up nilla wafers to make the sand and some pirate toys Dyson got from Nana and Grandpa for Christmas.

We let them make hooks and eye patches and they got to play pretend pirates. They followed little messages in a bottle that Jarrred had made for a treasure hunt, and Dyson was in heaven (notice the cheesy grin above).

This was the treasure they found (pirate ship pinata). Uncle Austin (left) had to break it open in the end.

Not a wimpy pinata.

Can't believe we have a 4-year-old. He is such a smart little guy. He makes life so challenging and fun.

He is Daddy's little buddy, Cambry's hero, Mommy's helper, and Ellie's protection. We can't imagine life without him.

Love you, D.

Dyson with his new, very own scriptures on Sunday