August 07, 2009

The Update on Life With 3 Kids:
Wow. We are a whole new family.
Three is a whole new ball game, folks. As you can see, I don't even make time for the blog anymore.
I keep thinking to myself that is it going to get easier and we will get some kind of schedule... I am not sure that is true anymore. Now that Ellie is a little bit mobile, it's getting harder!!! AAAAhhh! I don't have enough hands to do it all.
I find myself daydreaming about romantic getaway vacations more and more these days.
Jarred is still looking for a job. No luck. He took the Utah bar in July and we will get results for that in October. Yes it takes THAT long.
In the meantime he will keep applying like crazy and handing his resume to anyone in the legal field. People keep saying it's a tough economic time, but we have decided to ignore that. THERE MUST BE SOMEONE SOMEWHERE WHO NEEDS AN ATTORNEY, RIGHT??
We just have to keep our faith that something will come along soon.
Summer has been fun. Lots of swimming lessons, a boating/camping trip, visits to the zoo and the park. It's exhausting and difficult with three, but we brave all the activities we can!
Happy Summer Everyone!!